Protests 4 Men is a non-profit Canadian incorporation. Our goal is to form and organize peaceful and lawful protests for men and fathers in order to raise public awareness where men are discriminated against. We also present the evidence and research to authorities to ask for reform in the relevant areas. Our main goal is to achieve a society with more equality for everyone. 

The founder of Protests 4 Men, Arman Arian, is a PhD holder in Mathematics. One of his main goals is to perform unbiased research and rely on facts and numbers and analyze the existing data.  After such performing such research, he realized that unfortunately in Canada, men's and fathers' rights were not acknowledged by the system equally with others in this country. As the father of a boy, he only wants a future in which men and fathers will have equal rights with others, and this motivated him to start taking measurable actions and sending letters to the authorities in this regard.

If you have any questions, or if you are interested to join our team and for hiring inquiries, please contact us at info@protests4men.ca